Probiotics are not all the same

The therapeutic use of probiotics is advancing at a rapid pace. And this should be no surprise to us because we consistent of more bacteria than actual cells. Bacteria are vital to gut health and proper immune function.

The link between gut health and many other conditions including depression, autoimmune disease, arthritis, eczema, chronic fatigue (just to name a few) is starting to be addressed in main stream medicine. So getting back to probiotics. Gut health can be dramatically improved with the use of probiotics, however, few people understand how to use probiotics effectively.

You see there are thousands of species of probiotics and within each species there are various strains. The different strains of the probiotics have different therapeutic effects. Some strains are good to help prevent diarrhea while others help to reduce bloating of the gut. So next time someone suggest “probiotics” your response should be: “What species and which strain”.